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 Kirby Chronicles Feature Line-up

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PostSubject: Kirby Chronicles Feature Line-up   Tue Nov 11, 2008 12:45 am

Before I put up Kirby Chronicles, there's some things I want to do so you know a little bit about it before watching and just for my amusement....

  • Bio Card for every member (5/??)
  • Side Story animation for each character (0/??)
  • Wallpaper of Series 1 (first Edition) [Complete]
  • Wallpaper of Series 1 (second Edition)
  • Wallpaper of Series 2 (first Edition)
  • Wallpaper of Series 2 (second Edition)
  • Wallpaper of Entire Crew
  • Wallpaper: Good Characters
  • Wallpaper: Evil Characters
  • Wallpaper: The Kings
  • Wallpaper: Masterminds of Evil {thee Main Antagonists of the Series}
  • Wallpaper: Servants of Evil



Wallpaper of Series 1 (1st Edition)

Bio Cards

Bio Card: Brandon

Bio Card: Gdf

Bio Card: Subz

Bio Card: Bio

Bio Card: Marx 3.0
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Kirby Chronicles Feature Line-up
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