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 RPG Rules/Procedure

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PostSubject: RPG Rules/Procedure   RPG Rules/Procedure Icon_minitimeMon Nov 24, 2008 8:22 pm

All Forums rules apply, including:

  • No stealing characters
  • No godmodding
  • Killing other members of the RPG is up to the creator of the RPG
  • No taking control of other characters (Making the speak, do an action, etc. Technically this is godmodding but oh well)


  1. Members make "Profiles" in the RPG Bios section.
  2. A member creates the set-up thread in the RPG Preparation section.
  3. Members make bios for that RPG and add it to their profile topic in the RPG Bios section.
  4. After I (Admin) give approval, the member who created the Prep thread can make the official RPG in the RPG Chambers section.

*Members MUST add all bios to their Profile. They can also post the bio for that RPG in that RPG thread.

**An RPG must be approved before making the Preparation thread.

***ONLY threads that deal with the topic are posted here. Questions get PMed to me.

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RPG Rules/Procedure
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