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 Super Smash Bros.: The Trading Card Game!

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PostSubject: Super Smash Bros.: The Trading Card Game!   Sat Nov 29, 2008 12:27 am

Well, there isn't a SSB Topic so I'll post it here. The packs are being made. Here's the format:

Let's start at the top, shall we?
Top Left Corner:

White: This is the Character's 'Side'. Here, you would put if the Character is Good, Evil, or Neutral. It MUST be 2 pixels away from the left-most gold line and 2 pixels down from the top-most gold line bordering the card.

Light Grey: The Character's ENTIRE name must be 6 pixels above the top gold line bordering the image.

Dark Grey: The Character's ENTIRE name must be written on this line. Any extra rankings, statuses, etc. must be lined up on this line.
Top Right Corner:

Red: The Character's logo must line up with the right border around the image.

Another thing, idk if this would work for every logo, but the logo must be one pixel away from the top AND bottom borders.
Middle Left:

Dark Red: The First Attack is 10 pixels below the border of the image. The First Attack name must also be in front of this line.

Hot Pink: The Second Attack must be 5 pixels below the First Attack, or after the First Attack's description. The First Attack and the First Attack's Percentage must be on this line also.

Purple: The Second Attack Name must be in front of this line.

Green: The Second Attack Name and Percentage must go on this line.

Blue: The Description must be 3 pixels below the Green line. It must also be 1-3 pixels to the right of this line.

Middle Right:

Dark Blue: The Percent symbol must be 10 pixels to the right of the last pixel on the border of the image.

Bright Blue: The Percentile must be before this line.

Orange: The Description cannot go past this line.
Bottom Left Corner:

Strange Green: The pack logo must be 2-4 pixels away from the right border and 3 pixels up from the bottom border.

Bottom Right Corner:

Pink: The card # must be 5 pixels away from the farthest border of the card (or pixel away from the second lowest, as shown in the picture), and one pixel above the bottom-most border.

And now you have your card!

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Super Smash Bros.: The Trading Card Game!
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